Friday, May 25, 2018 AKA Scam

There is a company out there pretending to be Intuit QuickBooks and taking thousands of dollars from small business owners. They will tell you that you will get 5 years technical support and 5 years of QuickBooks along with payroll service for $4000+ a month. Once they get your money you don't get any of that and your money is gone. The numbers associated with this company are 855-973-2116 and 866-914-0101. Searching these numbers will pull up various scam reports along with additional websites these numbers are associated with. The WHOIS information on these websites are all private of course.

You need to stay FAR away from these people as they have taken thousands and thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people. If you happen to find this blog entry because you have been scammed my advice to you would be to contact your credit card company and see if you are within the time limit to file an appeal to the charge. You will also want to change your credit card number regardless because they will most likely try and charge your card again. Your also likely to end up on the dark web which people pay to get your credit card information to make purchases. has shut down but plenty of other sites will come up. It wouldn't surprise me if very soon if not already these scammers will change their numbers. It seems to me the people who they have scammed thought they were calling QuickBooks support and they get these people. The real number for Intuit products is which includes QuickBooks is 800-446-8848. You can also go to visit their support website at

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