Monday, April 30, 2018

Cryptocurrency Faucets

Lately I have been trying out a lot of these cryptocurrency faucets. These are apps and websites that will pay you for viewing ads. This is frequently brought on by having you "check in" on the app or website every hour or so. When you hit that check in button an advertisement will play. This way they are getting paid for you viewing it and then they are giving you a portion of that money. You can also earn by downloading apps for your phone, viewing more ad's, and taking surveys.

Your payment will be in some form of cryptocurrency. The ones that I have done were either paying Bitcoin or Litecoin. While I have found a couple of apps and sites that are actually paying you the majority of them I have tried were not paying. The big indicator is when these apps are paying out really good money just to view an ad or "check in" as they put it. The ones that actually pay you are paying very little.

My advice would be to stay away from these altogether. You earn so little on the ones that are legit its not even worth it. Then when you try and earn more by downloading apps you will find that those apps contain all kinds of junk that will lag your phone up. I had to factory reset my phone due to this when I was trying these out for a review. There are plenty of sites that pay much more for you to do surveys like MTurk and CashCrate. Currently they don't pay you in cryptocurrency but you can always purchase it with that money. 

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