Monday, November 13, 2017 Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips

This website tells people that they will buy their unused diabetic test strips. They will pay for the shipping and then you send them in. After they receive them you are suppose to be paid either by PayPal or by check. The problem is, people are not getting their payments. There have been a couple people who have claimed to receive checks that have bounced.

People who are sending in diabetic test strips usually are on fixed incomes and need this money. Taking advantage of people like this is unbelievable and should be stopped immediately. This company virtually has no way for you to contact them. Their 888 number goes to a voicemail box that is completely full so leaving a message isn't possible. Emails that are sent to them go unanswered as well.

They have a Facebook Page that they have deleting comments from of people asking where their money is. From the sounds of it they were once sending people money but something happened. Stay far away from this company!


  1. I agree with everything that has been said about They are very unprofessional and they're taking advantage of people most on fixed income. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

  2. Got class action suit lawyer contact him or me

  3. Yup... They got me twice... I have used their service 5 times. orders 1 & 2 got paid order 3 (got burned) order 4 got paid But they screwed me on what they owed me. They reduced my payment without notifying me.

    But this resent and last order really cheesed me off. They took my testing supplies. 3 days later after they got my package I was contacted via email by a Nina Marie she notified me that there was a broken seal on a box of lancets I sent No big deal my payment would be reduced by $1 I was told I would have my payment within the next 7 days... Nope never got it.

    several voicemails & emails later no response. it's been 6 weeks now still amongst the Scammed.

    Oh the reason why I kept using there service was I very badly needed the money.

  4. I have proof of what they got from me I have the date the expiration date and pictures they owe me $207 need help