Monday, October 9, 2017

Work at home freelance jobs paying less than $1 an hour

There are companies out there that hire people to work from home. These jobs appeal to a lot of people because they are non phone jobs. However, they pay per task and the tasks are very low paying as low as $.01 a task! The task takes a minute or more to do so we are talking $.60 an hour. This is extremely low and should be against the law to pay this. Even in another country this wage isn't enough to live off of. I looked at the wages in the Philippines where the wages are much lower and a call center job with no experience or education even pays $1.95 an hour. 

People that are doing the work from home are the backbone of the companies and to pay people making your business a lot of money nowhere near minimum wage is horrible. There needs to be some kind of law in place that prevents this. There are people out there that are doing these very very low paying jobs because they are desperate. They need something to be able to get some food or get some gas so they can apply for a job that pays more. You can make more money going out on the street and holding a sign. 

Lets all try and make a point with these companies and not do work for them. Eventually they are either going to go out of business or need to increase their pay. I can mention several companies that pay this low but I won't because this is about companies as a whole not targeting 1 or 2. The only people who would defend them for paying this low are the ones that say this is only meant for extra change and not to live off of. The problem is in the society we are in right now people are doing this for some kind of living because they can't find anything else or they can't work a brick and mortar job.

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