Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Harvest Moon Loans

Harvest Moon Loans is a company located at 8 Crestwood Road Boulevard, CA 91905. There website is www.harvestmoonloans.com. They are offering loans that you will end up paying SEVERAL times that amount. For instance on their website it states that if you take out a $200 loan you will end up paying $111.42 every 2 weeks for 10 pay periods. Therefore when its all said and done that $200 loan will end up costing you $1,114.20 (assuming you don't miss a payment or have to pay less then the $111, if that's the case it will end up costing more). 

This company has several complaints with the BBB and on ripoffreport.com. These complaints all seem to be the same thing. They are misleading customers into thinking that they only need to make a few payment. It turns out those payments go towards the interest and not even the principal balance. Customers have also expressed concerns when see the same amount come out every 2 weeks for 3 months. LONG after the amount they borrowed and any legit interest should have been paid. 

This is a company that is an example of everything bad with these payday loans. This company even seems to go the extra mile into ripping people off. I have never seen anything like this with these insanely high fees and just the fact that you end up paying over $1100 for a $200 loan making your payments on time should be illegal. From what I have heard this company is also taking money from people in states that Harvest Moon Loan isn't licensed to do business in such as Washington State

People who need a payday loan normally don't have good credit or they have no credit. They are living paycheck to paycheck and when something comes up that is the only way they can borrow money is through a payday lender. Harvest Moon will gladly lend money because they will make so much more off of you. Harvest Moon will then keep deducting the money and just beating someone down until they have no choice but to take out another loan. If you need a loan please take my advice read the fine print and stay far away from Harvest Moon Loans. 

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