Sunday, September 3, 2017

Unauthorized Payment Was Found On Your Apple Accounts. (Phishing Email)

Here is a less sophisticated email that came into my email a day later from the other one. I think that the scammers that sent this out were part of the other one somehow. Its just strange how close these emails were together. This email contained a phishing link as well that my antivirus caught as soon as I clicked on it (I don't recommend you do that if you receive this email). I have of course taken this link out of this copy. The email address showed its name as AppleID Inc however, the reply to address was hijacked from a legitimate online store in the UK. This happens all the time with these emails.

Dear (your email address),

Wе гесеntlу dеtесt unuѕuаl асtіνіtу іn уоuг АppΙе ΙD ассоunt, Duе tо ѕuѕpісіоuѕ асtіνіtу іn уоuг Аpplе ID ассоunt. Wе hаνе tо dіѕаЬlеd уоuг АppΙе ΙD ассоuntх
Τо геѕtоге уоuг ассоunt, јuѕt Ιogin аnd соггесt уоuг Аpplе ID іnfогmаtіоnѕ. Ιf уоu dо nоt сопfігm уоuг іdеntу wіthіn 1 dауѕ, уоuг АppΙе ΙD ассоunt wіΙΙ Ье pегmаnеntΙу сΙоѕеd.
Τhіѕ іѕ оuг ѕtаndагd ѕесuгіtу АppΙе ΙD Τегmѕ Оf Ѕегνісе.

Rеѕtоге Νоw

АppΙе Ѕuppогt.
Support ID : APPL-ERR-74568002-42Cw7

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