Wednesday, August 23, 2017 Scam is a scam work at home opportunity claiming to pay people $5 for every person you get to click on a link from posting it on your social media accounts. You will see your earnings add up quick and you will reach your $300 minimum to cash out in no time. When you want to get paid you will not. Then this site will disappear and a new one will pop up. Their previous website was and if you go to that site it redirects to the new one. This has numerous complains online about people not being paid. I did a whois on this website and the owner has hidden their information but it looks to be out of Panama and it has not even been around for a year unlike the 7 years it has claimed to be around for. Any website you see that is going to pay you $5 per click on a link that you share is a scam. NO COMPANY is going to pay you that amount of money just for a simple click. These scams have been around for a long time and unfortunately people keep falling for them.

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