Monday, November 14, 2016

Elite Global Options Scam Update

This is an update to my previous blog posting about this scam company that does not pay people. So I received an eCheck payment of $6.86 to my PayPal account a few days ago. I have never received this kind of payment before but they said it would take 3-5 business days to go through. I received an email from PayPal this morning letting me know that the payment was rejected by the senders bank. Then I receive this email from (notice the horrible grammar along with the wrong email address to contact because someone doesn't know how to spell check).......

Due to a bank holiday I was unaware of many of you will experience an email of your funds not going through, and even if you didn't please cancel the payment!

"Do no threat we have your payment and will resend PayPal to PayPal NO FEES and with a bonus for the inconvenience . Now if your payment was send card to paypal please ignore this email, for the rest of you login to paypal click the payment from Tangular Davis and cancel it once done send us a screenshot to with the subj CANCELLED PAYMENT with your login email and paypal.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience and plan to focus more on anything that can affect sending pay. I also want to remind you that this week randomly we will be having same day pay and 24 hour payout which will be announced on the days that we have it, but will also include previous pay to so for example if we have same day pay tomorrow (Tuesday) it will also calculate anything you earned today as well.

Any payments that were earned this past week will be sent out today OR by morning due to a site error that may be sending out double payments."

So I cancelled the payment and took a screenshot just like they said and sent it to them. I then receive this email moments later.....

"thank you guys now because we had a site error that double paid users I want to verify the payments so please login to your account and verify the amount marked paid from the last pay period (if any are marked unpaid) but was issued please alert us

you may also recieve another email of the second payment thats going out today requesting you verify the amount, we already have each users amount owed we just want to verify what you calculate and what we have are the same amount.

again you are verifying the last payment that was sent (the one you just cancelled) you are verifying that amount is marked paid on your payments page if not please alert us! if the correct amount is marked paid email us back and say VERIFIED if not please alert us of the amount along with login email

Our ultimate goal is to make sure everyone gets what they are owed and the correct amount, with the cancelled payment you will get a bonus with it for the mis understanding (bank error)"

I logged into my account and verified the amount. I then asked the owner who was under the Facebook name Tommy Barns. If I could be paid because I did everything that they asked. I was then told that I would be "finished today" I never got paid. Then I tried to log into my account and learned that my account had been deleted. This happened to the woman who recruited me who they also owed money to. They probably deleted everyone's account who they owed money to. 

If you want to read my original report on this company click here and it will take you to that page. Again, this scammer goes by the name Tommy Barns and Tamara Haynes. They probably go by a lot of other names considering the eCheck they sent to me went by the name Tangular Davis.

UPDATE: I was finally paid my $7 minus the .50 PayPal fee this morning. I guess they went back on their word to not take out the fee and to give a bonus for the payment getting messed up. Oh well, at least they paid me. They saved themselves from being reported all over the internet on the rip off websites. However, I will not take these blogs down. My position still stands for people to not sign up with them. I was still paid 2.5 weeks late and people need their money now. 


  1. Thanks for review. This 'company' is definitely fishy as everyone I asked if they have gotten paid said they have not.


    1. Thank you for your reply. Someone replied on my earlier entry about them trying to tell me that its not a scam and that your paid out within 24 hours and blah blah blah. I told her it took them 2+ weeks for them to send my pay to me. The first one was an echeck that was sent to my PayPal but it bounced. I was FINALLY paid a couple days later. I didn't get the fee removed or a bonus like they told me I would for the inconvenience. Then they deleted my account because I asked them where my money was. Its a good thing that you are staying away from this company.

  2. Derek I know exactly what your saying I never received my money on time..when I did receive the $ I was short by almost $30 these ppl are ruthless and deactivated my account after I asked them what happened to my paycheck..this Tommy Barns Aka Tamara Haynes has been reported again goverment hopefully will look into it. Find it funny her little minions are not doing anything about it but collecting money and she has the nerve to say she made $15,000 and making all the money off her screen shots but she can't pay her ppl not good business practices

    1. That's what this person seems to do. Completely ignore you and when you finally demand answers they deactivate you. I want this information to get out to as many people as possible.

  3. Signed up with elite but when i started askin alot of questions they deleted me also. Scammers.

    1. That seems to be the regular thing they do. They expect everyone to just shut up and work and you'll get paid whenever or if they feel like it.