Monday, September 19, 2016

Hi, I need your help (suspicious email)

This is a suspicious email I received from someone obviously looking for good hearted people to send them money. I suspect that this is some kind of scam based on the email address he sent this from along with the fact that I don't know this person. Email address that this email shows as being sent from is which is a sales website.

My name is Mike.
I've found your email address from the internet. I am sending you an private message because i dont know what to do.
We live in Syria, We are financial not in a good shape
My wife has no option to work because she has 3 little children at home.
We have no options to become any support or any help somehow.
If you can help us even with one dollar it will help us a lot and make us very happy.
Please help us.. My Paypal address is :

We are very very Thankfully.

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