Monday, September 19, 2016


So the other day I went to Gamestop to pick up a new game. I had a couple of old games I wanted to trade in so this was the only reason I went to this store. I usually order my games and other things off of because its easier to just order things from them instead of going to the store to get something that may or may not be there. I have not been to Gamestop in ages but I was not impressed at all with my experience.

So I went into the store and a clerk promptly greeted me. I found the game that I wanted and we went over to the register so I could buy it and trade in the 2 games I brought along. They gave me $11 trade in for the games I had which I already knew because I looked it up online. Gamestop never gives you good money for your games but I figured anything was fine because I beat one and never played the other one.

So when I checked out I noticed that the sales reps were automatically adding on the replacement plan without asking people like they use to do. They also were trying to constantly upsell by asking you to put money down for games that were going to come out the beginning of next year. When I visited Gamestop before they would ask you if you would like to pre order games but it was nothing like the experience I had a few days ago. I do not want to feel pressured into buying things and I don't want to be ripped off by these replacement plans that no one ever needs.

I would like to warn everyone not to go to Gamestop anymore unless you want to spend money that you don't need to and feel like your entering a used car dealership with the pressures of sales people. This is not worth it to me even if I can save a few dollars by trading in other games.

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