Monday, September 19, 2016

Find New Work (Scam Job)

This is an email I received offering me a "job". This is a scam and if I took this what would happen is I would receive packages bought with stolen money and then repackage them and send them to another country. A lot of online merchants will only ship to the US therefore scammers in other countries need an address in this country to have these packages sent to. A lot of the times you will need to pay upfront to have the packages sent and then they will promise to reimburse you. If you receive a check from them it will be a fraudulent check for sure. Even if you don't need to spend any money upfront when the authorities find out about these stolen goods you will be the one they come after. If you receive an email like this delete it and do not contact them. I never posted a resume on any website but they figure that a lot of people do that are searching for a job to make it sound legit. Email was from with a reply to address of

Good day.

We would like you to review the job offer written below. New Products Turnover inc company has recently got acquainted with the resume that you placed on the internet and wants to offer you a free vacancy as a delivery clerk department member.

New Products Turnover inc company was established in 2006 as a result of the merger of couple commercial postal enterprises in Lithuania. Our current business model co-operates with a lot of European clients to execute the ordering, buying and deliver of products bought directly from the United States market to them. Our organization approach by default targets the retail market.

The duties of your position are considered strictly for residents of the United States. As a shipping clerk your duties will include: tracking, accepting, putting together, consolidating and transferring products ordered from major United States online stores to Europe to the corporate headquarters and secondary office facilities. The job does not ask attending any type of office work locations and can be generally performed from your home and the nearest post office. Our organization provides all the necessary equipment and instructions for performing the job, a clear work agreement (with other documents) and many benefits. We require no start up costs from our employees. Merchandise that our clients order are majorly popular electronics such as Apple products, various laptops and other electronics, so there is nothing heavy or too large being shipped (and no need for a warehouse place). We offer a $1,800 monthly stable and base wage with an added bonus provided for every task accomplished on time. There is a possibility of higher wages and growing careers for our most successful team members.

Our requirements:
- 18 years minimum age
- Having a working street address
- Being able to operate comfortably on the  internet and with a printer
- Having a working telephone number (and possible chance to add extensions or additional numbers)
New Products Turnover inc company is glad to present you this official invitation message. We purposely do not include any attachments or links to keep web security at the the best level.

In case you are interested, please write us via email.

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