Monday, August 29, 2016

VACANCY POSITION!!!! (Fake Job Email)

Here is an email I received from a random person for a job that I never showed interest in. This is the #1 way to tell if this is a scam. If you never filled out an application or put your resume on a job board but all of a sudden receive an email like this. Oh and the crazy amount of pay that they are offering is another sign. This "job" is a mystery shopper, they tell you to do a job that requires almost no work and then they send you a check. They tell you that you need to put the check into your account and then wire them some money back from it. The check usually clears by the next day because it looks like a legit payroll check. Same thing as all these scams jobs is the check is found to be a fraud after a couple of weeks and you are then responsible for that money. 

Hello Ma/Sir,

My name is Paul Richard, A representative of Global Concepts Inc,This is an 

awareness to let the public know that we have a vacancy position of a mystery 

shopper in our company and we would like to know your interest in working for 

Apex consult Co, Inc As a mystery shopper. You will work and shop together for 

pleasure and the pay is $300 weekly on Part time basis, you only work 2-3hours, 

twice in a week.

Kindly provide the below information for assessment and registration of the 

company. Kindly send the requested information to (

Full Legal Name:-




Zip code:-

and Home and Cell #:-

I await your immediate responce.

Paul Richard.

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