Monday, August 15, 2016

MTurk Requesters

So I have been scrolling through some MTurk hits trying to find some good ones. The surveys available right now I don't qualify for or I have already completed so those are out. So I looked through the most available ones and I see a lot of these 1 cent hits. Now I don't have an issue with 1 cent hits if they go real quick (30 seconds max). However, I was looking through some of these and they are going to take 5+ minutes to do each!

These requesters need to understand that even though we are working from home and not using gas, we still need to be able to make some extra money. Some people use MTurk to eat and pay bills and there is no way they are going to do that with this little money. Now I know that some of these requesters offer bonuses for people who do tons of hits with them with very little errors. That's nice of them but to pay so little in the first place is a real punch in the face. I really wish that the requester who had us do the voice recordings which took 10 seconds for 5 cents each would come back!

So it looks like today is going to be a Humanatic day. Humanatic pays you to listen to recorded phone calls and mark them accordingly. This takes 30 second to do, maybe a little longer when you first join. If any of you would like to learn more about and join go to,

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