Friday, August 12, 2016

Car Dealership Service Department

Unless your car is under warranty or has a problem that only a dealership can take care of DO NOT send it to the dealership for issues. First off most of the time you have to leave your car for a couple of days for something that can be taken care of in a few hours. Second of all the expense you will occur with taking your car to the dealership is 2 to 3 times the expense you would have at an honest garage. Third thing is plain and simple they lie.

I had a recall on my car and took it to the dealership to be done. After it was done they told me my car needed several things and would cost several hundred dollars to do this. I took it to my mechanic and it turned out this was total BS. They got me to come into the dealership for the recall and they wanted me to spend all kinds of money doing stuff that my car did not need. If this happens to you tell them you will have your regular mechanic look at your vehicle, don't agree to have these services done.

It seems to me that car dealerships feel like they have the right to keep your car and give you the slowest service possible. If a regular garage mechanic did this then they would be out of business real quick. Give it to a honest mechanic that can get your work done in a reasonable time. If you are looking for local mechanic check you can visit websites like to search for them and for reviews. You can also just ask around, the best places are sometimes found by word of mouth.

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