Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Scam Job Yunnan Copper

A friend of mine was contacted a couple of months ago from a scammer pretending to be from a company called Yunnan Copper which is a legit company out of China. They said that his job was going to be to contact customers of theirs to collect past due balances. They said he would be paid a percentage of what he collects along with $4100 a month salary. He sent me copies of these documents that they sent to him and they all looked very legit and professional so this was a scammer that knew what they were doing.

The contact email he had for them was ycl.recruit@yunancopper.com. Now www.yunnancopper.com is the legit company website that was created back in 2007. This domain email that the scammer used was www.yunancopper.com which is a fake website that was a clone of the real one but when I did a whois on them I noticed it was just created February of 2016. The website has since been taken down. This is a scam that most people can fall for since the email address was just missing one n and that can be overlooked very easily.

They gave him a name of a "customer" to contact about an outstanding balance and the customer seemed very willing to send the payment. They wanted my friend to have the customer send the check to his personal name and he was to deposit the money and then keep 5% for himself and wire them the rest. He told them that he was going to wait 2 weeks until the payment cleared and they seemed ok with that. While he was waiting for the check to clear he asked about the base monthly salary and they told him he would be paid when it was due and just blew him off. He found out that the check was fraudulent and when he contacted them about it they never got back to him.

This is a very common scam when people think that they have a legit work from home job. The scammers will send you a check for a large amount of money and have you deposit it in your account. Most of the time the check will be available the next day because it looks like a legit check and most banks will credit your account before the check actually clears to make it convenient for their customers instead of having them waiting 2 weeks. Then once the bank discovers the check is fake your responsible for it and not the scammers and the money you wired them is long gone. Stay clear from this and any other company that wants you to put a check into your account for more then they owe you and wire them the rest. No legit business will do this.

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  1. Around May 23, this year my office received a call from a representative (he refused to mention his name) from Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. telling us that someone had filed a damaging complaint against our company, although he would give no further details, and we have no knowledge of any such complaint. During the conversation, he suggested that we should make a payment of $650 and in return that they will not make the complaint public as it would damage our reputation. We told him that we would think about it, because it is a corporate matter, and we don't have the discretion to make payments for reasons like this without approval from our bosses. Up until this week, they have been calling us about it continuously. They even threatened to make our company famous with the information that they have by exaggerating the complaint and posting it publicly on their site and all over the internet. They even gave us their site name, which is https://economicfrauds.net, and asked us to check for ourselves what had happened to other companies that refused to settle with them in the past.