Monday, June 27, 2016 Secret Shopper Scam

I came across a recent secret shopper scam that I wanted to let everyone know about. It looks like they have several different websites but the 2 I found out about are and more recently This scam company is looking for people to do secret shopper jobs. Then they are sent a check of around $1900+ and told to keep a certain amount and withdraw the rest and western union it. ANY LEGIT COMPANY WILL NEVER HAVE YOU DO THIS. The check then bounces and leaves the victim responsible.

This seems to be a common scam that has went on for years. If you are involved with a company that asks you to do this get out immediately and do not deposit the check. Peoples bank accounts have been frozen by these checks leaving them not able to access their money. The phone number associated with this scam is 205-598-1005 which seems to be linked to both of those websites. If you go to those websites you will see the same generic login page. If you call the phone number it is just a automated system that is a dead end. Don't be a victim and stay away from this.

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