Monday, June 20, 2016

Palm Beach Research Group

So I was looking online the other day for potential scam companies to investigate and I came across a company out of Florida (not surprising) called Palm Beach Research Group This is a company that offers people subscriptions to various publications they have starting at $199 all the way up to $3,000. In my opinion these publications aren't worth any money. They are just out there to try and entice people to sign up with them and look very gimmicky.

This company has several complaints from people saying that they signed up for the service and cancelled during their money back guarantee period only to have the company charge them anyways. This is typical for companies like this. No legit company is going to charge this amount of money for some stupid articles that pitch other products in them with no useful information. A company that is based out of Florida is just another red flag since Florida seems to be a haven for scammers. If scammers are sued in the state of Florida and get a judgment on them Florida has an unlimited homestead exemption meaning that someone can own a 10 million dollar home and a judgment creditor can not touch it. Good deal for scammers, raw deal for victims.

My advice to everyone is not to sign up for them. There is plenty of useful information on the internet for free. This is a company that is charging people for complete nonsense and its disgusting with how they are getting away with it.

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