Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bye Bye American Express!

So several years ago I had an American Express card and I closed it out in 2011 with a few thousand dollar balance on it. I paid it off a few weeks ago and received a final bill of about $10 which was interest that I owed. Now since I paid the card off my online account was closed out so in order for me to pay this I needed to send a check which I was willing to do. On the statement it said that I needed to put my full account number on the check which I did not have so I called them up to get it. This should have been simple enough but when I finally got connected to a customer service rep they told me that they don't give that information out over the phone. I asked how they expect me to pay it and the woman decided to hang up on me for whatever reason.

So I called back and needed to put up with their automated system bullshit which doesn't work cause it doesn't understand you most of the time and it just hangs up on you. I pressed the 0 key 10 times and I finally got connected with someone. This rep was more helpful then the last one. He opened up my account information and saw that it was in fact closed and I had no way to pay this bill. Because of this he credited my account and told me I was all set with a zero balance. 

My advice to American Express is if you want people to pay their fucking bill you need to give them the information so they can pay you. You don't tell someone they owe money and then refuse to give them their account number so they can pay you. What kind of way to do business is this? Oh well, im done with them. Ill never get a card from them again. Bye bye American Express! 

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