Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Got A Judgment On A Scammer?

Were you fortunate enough to be able to locate your scammer and take him or her to court and win a judgment against them? You may have thought that once you get the judgment you were going to get the money you were awarded right? Well the answer to that is no. If they do not pay you voluntarily then you are going to need to take legal actions against them if you want to see your money. In order to do this it is going to cost you time and money and you need to have the knowledge to enforce this judgment yourself.

If you don't want to do this then you can hire a judgment enforcer or attorney to do this. There needs to be assets and/or wages that you can get at from the defendant and they will find out if there is. Once that happens then they can do a wage garnishment, put liens on property, and freeze bank accounts. Whatever is allowed by that particular state law.

A website to visit if you are looking to get your judgment enforced is www.judgmentbuy.com. They work with judgment enforcers and attorneys that will take a look at your case and if it looks like defendant has money help you collect it.

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