Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bradley Richard Crandall (Loan Scam)

So a good friend of mine recently started looking for a loan and was contacted by a person who went by the name of Bradley Richard Crandall saying that he could give him a loan. In order for him to get a loan he would need to pay $250 upfront via money gram. Once this person gets his $250 he takes off and he never see's his loan or his $250 again. If you are contacted by this person or anyone else who says they will loan you money but you need to pay something upfront they are all lying to you and trying to scam you out of money. I want to let people know of this scammer and his email address is bradleyrcrandallinvestmentllc@gmail.com. This is just one email address and I am sure this person has several more and several other names they go by. There are several people out there who try this scam so make sure you avoid this by NEVER PAYING UP FRONT FOR A LOAN.

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