Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Job Offer

LOL! This message had the scammers own antivirus block the link. This email was pretending to be from Kmart with a from address of kmart@jobs.com and a reply to address of kmatr@jobs.com. This scam could either be a phishing email used to steal your identity or a work scam that gets you to put fraudulent checks into your bank account for much more then the job is suppose to pay you. You are then told to withdraw some of the money and western union it to someone in another country. Either way you are going to get scammed.

We are looking for people to apply for empty posts in our team, as a secret consumer.
The job requires you to shop and evaluate our employees.
No experience needed, just an honest opinion.
You will get paid to shop and keep the products.

For more information and sign up form click here


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