Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hello, Here is My Email address; (mrsfatima.abore01@gmail.com)


Compliment of the day to you.
I am Mrs. Fatima kabore; I am sending this brief letter to solicit
your partnership to transfer $19.5 million US Dollars. I shall send
you more information and procedures when I receive positive response
from you.  please send me a message in my Email box and here is my
phone contact number +226 771 073 49(mrsfatima.abore01@gmail.com)
Best Regards,
MRS Fatima kabore

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  1. New # old scam. They call you, tell you that you have a 9000 dollar grant then give you a confirmation # and tell you to call 801-203-0570 where they ask you to deposit money. ..thats where I stopped them and asked them if they thought I was a moron and asked them to send me my grant and they hung up. I called back and told them I was contacting every place in knew (which is nobody for certain) and shutting them down. So Facebook and Twitter are the best I can think of. Let people know please. Thank you.