Tuesday, March 1, 2016

USAA Phishing E-Mails

I have been receiving several emails claiming to be from USAA trying to get me to enter my account information for various reasons. One email said that its because of technical difficulties. Another email said that I have new documents available for view. Another one said that my online banking access is restricted.

All of these emails are fake first off because I do not have an account with them. Another reason is because if you look at the link it wants to take you to is not to the USAA website. Also, these emails either don't address me at all or say Dear User. Legit emails from companies will normally address you by your name. Be on the lookout for these as they seem to be sending out a bunch of these fake emails. Here is an example of one that I received. I took out the links of course.

Another IP address may have logged in your usaa.com. Log on to update and secure.


No action is necessary unless this activity occurred without your knowledge or permission. Please call 1-800-759-8733 to report unauthorized changes.
To learn how USAA protects your information, visit our Security Center on usaa.com. We value your business and are committed to keeping your accounts and personal information safe and secure.
Thank you,

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