Monday, March 14, 2016

NH ACTUAL Penalties for Possession of Weed

I am a strong supporter for marijuana legalization. NH is the only New England state that doesn't have marijuana being decriminalized on the law books. What people fail to realize though is the NH marijuana law on the books is old and outdated by far. NO ONE who gets caught with a small amount of weed is going to get a $2000 fine and a year in jail. Hell, I know people who were caught dealing and ended up getting a class A misdemeanor (on the books its a felony) with a $620 ($500 plus 24% penalty assessment) fine and a 20 day jail sentence. Even someone who went through their trial for several counts of dealing got a 1 year jail sentence when they could have gotten 20+ years.

In the state of NH cops don't give a damn about the stuff. Cops in this state will not pursue it unless you put it in their face. If you blow smoke in a cops face then chances are good they will arrest you. If your driving around smoking it and your caught they will arrest you. If you do it discreetly or in your own home or a friends house its almost a 100% chance you will never be caught. Hell I know people who have been caught with it and the cops either just take it away or make them dump it out on the side of the road. Every year on 4/20 people gather at the statehouse to light up and no one has ever been bothered.

Even if you are arrested for possession of marijuana if you plead guilty and have no priors its a $350 fine and a violation offense, this means not criminal. If you want to take it to court and your found guilty it will be a $350 fine and a class B misdemeanor (no jail time) for your first offense. After that its a $500 fine. Even if your arrested and charged with a class A misdemeanor for possession it will be reduced once it hits court.

If your stupid enough to be caught with it 20 times then you will be looking at a class A misdemeanor but that's your own fault. In many states if your caught with it several times you'll be looking at a felony and a mandatory minimum sentence. NH does not have MMS for marijuana so the judges can use their discretion and most judges in this state are very fair. They really don't want to put away people for such a low level crime.

Yes decriminalization would be good on the books in this state and lets see if the senate will be able to pass the current bill that has just passed the house (again). But its not something that is live or die like these marijuana reform groups are making it out to be. Most of these groups the people don't even live in NH and have no idea how our court system works. The ones that do live in NH and say that are just full of shit and they want to scare people.

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