Monday, February 1, 2016

Phony Quickway Security Company

The other day I received an email from someone else from Malaysia saying that they got contacted by a guy and he wanted to send them a package using a company called "Quickway Security". This company is a scam and just wants the receiving people to pay money for all these customs and clearance "fee's". They then give a bank account number to wire transfer and after you send that they then make up another excuse for you to send even more money. Since this is the second person who has told me about this scam I wanted to dig into this more. Here is what I found....

Quickway Security appears to also be known as Quickway City Express but Quickway Security gives much more contact information. Both of these companies are fraudulent. Their web sites are from a free service and are and They stole information and pictures from a legit trucking company called Quickway Carriers. The website I had posted about Quickway Security on my post about Kelvin Yang appears that they are no longer using it.

The bottom line is if anyone from another country is offering to send you a package through some unknown courier with a free website don't do it. Especially if they then start sending you emails asking you to send over money. The 2 people who contacted me were from Malaysia but I bet this scam is happening all over.

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