Friday, February 19, 2016

Kelvin Yang AKA Kenneth Lee FRF Couriers & Security

I got an email from one of my readers letting me know that Kelvin Yang is still sending the same pictures and still trying to scam people but is now using the name Kenneth Lee on Facebook. He is still using the same story trying to get people to send him money. DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY. As you will never see it again. He is also telling people that he is sending a package through a scam courier company.

The name of the scam courier company is FRF Couriers & Security. Their website is and it looks like a legit courier companies website FRF Couriers which is out of Australia. You will see if you go to both websites that the scam website adds on the word Security to the company name. On the legit companies website it says customer login at the top. On the scam website it says track now. If you click on this it asks you to enter your tracking number. On the legit website it has you login to your customer account. Again is a SCAM and is a LEGIT company.

Each of these websites has different contact information. On the scam website the contact information is placed poorly. This is another red flag. A company as big as FRF Couriers is going to have a professionally done website. Not something that looks like it was thrown together in minutes.

Make sure to do your homework on courier companies that you are going to do business with. As you can see scammers are using legit company names to lure people in. If you meet someone online who starts talking about sending you a package and then you needing to pay these "fees" for you to receive it then it is a scam. Stop talking to them immediately and block them if you have to. Most of the time though once you tell them that you know their a scam they will leave you alone.


  1. Just received a letter at my home address from Mr Kevin Lee of I wonder if it's same scam or new twist.

  2. What was the letter talking about?