Monday, January 4, 2016

Steven Brett from Craigslist

I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a side gig to pick up the other day (big mistake, I know). I received an email from someone going by the name of Steven Brett asking me if I was interested in a job. I asked to know more and he told me I would be posting ad's on Craigslist for houses that are for rent. He said I would be paid $250 a week which seemed too good to be true for something so simple. I searched his name and I came up with several people who were scammed by him.

He wanted you to place ad's on Craigslist for houses that he had no control over. He would take money from several people wanting a place to live and not give them anything. This is highly illegal and anyone involved in this could be brought up on criminal charges. Please STAY AWAY from him and if you have already started "working" for him stop immediately and delete all of your ad's that you placed for him. He wants you to use your own Craigslist account so he isn't associated with it. 

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