Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MyScore.com Second Review

The other day I decided I wanted to do more research on MyScore.com since I had done a review on it before and I had concerns about it. Well after doing more research I have even more concerns about it and I highly recommend that no one signs up for this service. Lets begin with my experience with them. I signed up for MyScore.com as part of an incentive work at home opportunity. I would sign up for a free trial and get other people to sign up for it to get paid. There were several different trial offers to sign up for but I decided to use this one.

So my card got charged $1 which I already knew about. Then after the 7 days they would charge you $30 a month after that unless you cancelled. I called to cancel my membership and of course they tried to talk me into staying. After saying no a few times they cancelled my membership. Well months and months afterwards I would get a random $1 charge from MyScore.com. After a few days the money would get refunded but this was a high annoyance because I did not authorize this to keep going on. I eventually got a new debit card issued by my bank so this would stop.

The research that I found on this company is that they are also known as Golden Scores LLC. This company is then owned by a shell company Linson & Associates which has an address out of Nevada but used a registered agent company out of Missouri. This company dissolved their business license in Missouri on 12/17/15. I looked at the secretary of state website in Nevada and I was not able to pull Lison & Associates up so I am not sure where their current business registration is. Companies that have had other shell companies set up have usually turned out to be doing a shady deal. I am not saying that they are definitely doing this but its not a good sign. 

If you search myscore.com on search engines there are all these sites that show up with negative reviews. Most of these negative reviews are about unauthorized charges. Even if people have cancelled they still get charged. This sounds very familiar. My advice for anyone is to not sign up for this website, it is not worth the hassle. 

If you want to pull up your credit score use something that is completely free and doesn't require you to enter your credit card information like Credit Karma. 

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