Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Important Message (USAA Phishing Email)

This is a phishing email claiming to be from USAA. This email contained graphics to make it look like the real thing. I took out the LOG ON link because it will lead you to a website that looks just like USAA's and it tells you to enter your personal information to steal your identity. The email address that came up with this email is mjnaughton@asu.edu.

Another IP address may have logged in your usaa.com. Log on to update and secure.


No action is necessary unless this activity occurred without your knowledge or permission. Please call 1-800-759-8733 to report unauthorized changes.

To learn how USAA protects your information, visit our Security Center on usaa.com. We value your business and are committed to keeping your accounts and personal information safe and secure.
Thank you,

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