Friday, December 4, 2015

Contact Dr Abraham Martins For Your ATM Card (419 Scam)

Attention: My Dear.

I write to inform you that i have your Certified Bank Draft here in my office to send to you as directed by my boss. I have been waiting for you since to come down here and pick up your Bank Draft of  Six  Million Dollars ($6Million Dollars) but did not heard from you for long time now, Well, i want you to know that i have deposited the Bank Draft with Reserve Bank of India, because i will be traveling to London England for my year course and will not come back till ending of December 2016.

So now i have arranged with Reserve Bank of India to make your payment to you with their new ATM MASTER CARD which you can use to withdraw your money in any ATM MACHINE around the globe/world and what you will be withdrawing Daily is $7,000 Dollar's every day. Because the Bank Draft was getting to the expire date. So You have to contact the United Nation Paying agent in Reserve Bank of India with your full contact information's such as follows:

1) Your Full Name==========
2) Your Residential Address=======
3)Your Postal Address===========
4) Your Phone And Fax Number=======
5)Your E-mail address============
6)Your Occupation=============
7)Your Official Age============
8)Your Photograph============
9)Your Country===============

However, Kindly contact the Payment Agent who is in charge of the delivery of your ATM Master CARD

DR ABRAHAM MARTINS the United Nation Payment Agent in Reserve Bank of India
Telephone: +2349032150022

So contact Dr Abraham Martins, United Nation Payment Agent for your ATM Card as soon as possible to quicken the process of your ATM Card before your Bank Draft gets Expired. Let me know as soon as you receive your ATM Master Card.


Thank you and may the good lord be with you

Mrs Faith Maths.

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