Friday, December 18, 2015

Be Cautious with Work at Home Opportunities Now

As a person who investigates work at home opportunities I am finding more and more of them to not be worth it anymore. There are those opportunities that are ok for a few extra bucks like Humanatic, ClixSense, etc. As far as finding ones that are going to produce a full time income, good luck. Unless you are able to score a full time position that pays you a decent hourly wage not piece work or commission your probably going to struggle to make the amount of money you need to live.

Its pretty easy to get a work at home position lead generating for insurance companies or schools. The problem is the people who you are contacting generally have absolutely no interest in what you have to offer. Even if you are able to get their information and turn it into a lead so you can get paid, the sales agent who's job is to get them to join is going to have a real hard time trying to close the deal. After awhile of getting leads that are going nowhere they will stop using the service you are working for causing you lose money and worst case scenario the company closes. This is happening more and more lately.

Lets take when you work for a company contacting people who are supposedly interested in continuing their education. The people who you are contacting filled out there information, but they had no idea what was done with it. People go online searching for jobs and then they come across a form, they think they are applying for the job but really they are just filling out there information that will go to a lead list and their phone will be bombarded with calls. When you call them chances are good they are pretty tired of hearing from people. They will most likely not answer their phones and just block every number you call from. Even if someone answers they will yell at you and/or hang up on you.

There are sites out there such as CashCrate that pay people to fill out offers which means that you are being paid to fill out forms to go on lead lists. I have done this several times and I have no interest in hearing from those people. You are suppose to be able to opt out of that stuff when your going through the offers but many make it very difficult to do that. They do stuff such as making the no thanks button the same color as the background and/or hiding it very well with very small text. When you need to deceive people that way then that is no lead. That is just calling people up and harassing them with information they do not want.

I have heard from several people who have done this work and the company never pays them. That's pretty low considering if someone manages to generate a lead which is very difficult to do they should be paid. Not only should they be paid but they should be paid at least double of what they get. There are legit companies that do this work that do pay their workers but its too low. This is because the amount the company gets paid is too low as well.

So my advice to my readers is to really think about if its worth you quitting your full time job to take a job working from home. Your full time outside of the house is most likely paying you hourly which if that's the case stay with it. Depending on the type of job you do you may be able to work from home. I know that a lot of call centers now give that option and your pay stays the same.


  1. Are there any legitimate opportunities that you do recommend?

  2. The one that I recommend is a pay per task website It is ran by Amazon and it is a great place to make some cash.

  3. The one that I recommend is a pay per task website It is ran by Amazon and it is a great place to make some cash.