Sunday, November 15, 2015

Motivation for Working Holiday's

In addition to my blogging and other work at home projects that I do I also work a regular part time job. I work as a security officer on weekends and major holidays. This means when most people have off I am working. This blog post goes out to the people like me and work on weekends and holidays.

1. Not crowded when you go places. During the week is the best time to go out to eat or shopping.

2. You have an excuse not to do the family thing during the holidays. I am 30 years old with a wife and no kids. Most of my family isn't around anymore. So we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas on a different day.

3. Make that time and a half or double time pay. Take advantage of it and work those hours! In my situation holidays are the best days to work because they are quiet and I make really good money. I am sure many holiday workings find their place of employment to be low key on this day.

4. You have time to go to appointments without needing to go into work late or leave early. Since you work on weekends and holidays you have the time during the week to get your doctors, dentist, etc appointments done.

Remember that working weekend and holidays are not a bad thing. What it all comes down to is its just another day. Take those points that I listed above next time you are feeling down. Even if you enjoy the family time over the holidays you still have time to get together with them before or after work.

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