Thursday, November 12, 2015

Find new work (fake job scam)

Today I found an email in my spam box from a person who I am sure goes by many names but this one says Hannah Sutton. Chances are good that the email you receive will be from a different name but here is what it looks like so you know. This job is a complete scam and involves you receiving stolen property and most likely paying to ship the packages to different countries. Even if you don't need to pay for it once the authorities find out about you shipping stolen packages they will come looking for you and not the scammer. Email addresses associated with this email are and


My name is Hannah Sutton and I represent McKinsey&Company. We are worldwide company with over 10,000 employees in more than 60 countries around the world. Our HR specialists have studied your resume and would like to offer you Purchasing Manager position. We are currently developing Internet shopping service and feel great need in responsible and motivated people eager to fulfill the following duties:
- receive and ship packages delivered to you, use prepaid shipping labels provided by Supervisor;
- open all packages before shipping and send full reports on the items inside to the Supervisor;
- keep notes of all deliveries and shipments at your personal task panel at the website of the company;
- stay in touch at the task panel and over the phone to provide effective work process.

We need Purchasing Managers because many of them do not ship worldwide and most of our customers do not have residential address here in the United States. In this case McKinsey offers postal forwarding service to them, which makes the whole purchase process very fast and safe. Our prices are very competitive on the market and we are proud to offer high-quality services to all of our customers.

Our basic requirements include the age of at least 18 years old, attention to details and ability to complete the work in time and follow the guidelines. Previous experience in Purchasing is preferred but not necessarily required. We feel need in responsible people and if you would like to join our friendly and successful team, respond to this e-mail and our specialists will get back to you!

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