Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ways to NOT market your network marketing opportunity

If you have been involved with network marketing also sometimes called MLM opportunities then you know that the big part of the business is getting people to sign up under you to make money. There are people out there who are into MLM's and looking for an opportunity to make a decent income from home. These people who know what network marketing is about also are aware that their are risks involved especially since its 100% commission based. Its fine to market to those people who are looking for something like that. However, when someone is not looking for something like that and you try to talk them into it, that is a problem.

When you start off with an MLM company you will hear that posting the opportunity on Craigslist is the best way to get leads. The only way to get an MLM opportunity on Craigslist is to be deceptive since Craigslist does not allow MLM opportunities on their job section. Since you are posting an ad that makes it sound like you have a regular paying job available the people that contact you are no way considered "leads". In fact when you speak to someone who contacts you and when they find out that its a 100% commission opportunity AND that most of the time you need to pay to join an MLM they want no part of it. People go on Craigslist to find a job, not an online business opportunity.

I was with a network marketing company for a while that you had to sign up for a trial offer to join. This company taught you how to post ad's on Craigslist and to use several different emails so you could essentially "flood" Craigslist with all your job ads. Craigslist has gotten smarter over the years so most of the time if you post an opportunity like that it will either be flagged or you will be ghosted which is when your post never shows up. They also taught you to get the people who contacted you for an "orientation" this is when you tell the person on the line step by step on how to get started. This makes it look like this is in fact a real work at home job. Then as the person is in the process of signing up you then let them know that they need to sign up for a trial offer by entering your credit card information in order to get this position. This is when someone who is on their game will hang up the phone. Others will get caught up in the moment and sign up for something thinking that this will be the key to them making money.

I never marketed it this way because I did not believe in scamming people. I am not going to get someone on the phone and "interview" them and then sign them up for an "orientation". I quoted both of those words because that's not what it is at all. What they consider an orientation is closing someone, getting them to sign up for a trial offer with their credit card information. This is not the way I prefer to do business. Morally and ethically it is wrong. No matter what anyone says!

Another way that these MLM coaches try and get you to have people sign up is by contacting them on social media. I had someone contact me on Twitter about a picture I posted. This had nothing to do with work at home opportunities or jobs. I started talking to them on the phone and they started pitching me some stupid MLM opportunity. That really pissed me off. Don't pretend to be someones friend just so you can make a buck off of them. People who do this stuff will say that it isn't selling them, its helping them find a good money making opportunity. This statement is a lie and they know it. A good sales person does not need to lie. 

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