Thursday, August 13, 2015

Phony Job Offer

This is a phony job offer that is sent out to random emails. You will never be offered a job by a legit company out of the blue like this.  I haven't even applied for anything. This "job" is going into involve scamming you and scamming others.Email address associated with this is from with a reply-to address of

Dear Job Seeker,

Company: PA Consulting Group
Job state: 10+ states
Job type: full time position
Position title: Senior Project Consultant
Salary: $60,000 - $75,000 per annum
Job Offer Available: August 05, 2015 - August 22, 2015
Requisition #: PM654

We are a consulting company with regional offices in 15 countries, 500 professionals and over 2000 customers.
Since 1991 our team has been navigating clients in the area of process, strategy, business technology  and strategic human capital.
As a general management consulting firm, we are able to assist customers across these areas in a professional fashion - from formulation to completion.

We require that our consultants have solid communication and verbal skills, and an understanding of types of projects we manage and project management and consulting processes.
The consultant will be a project leader working in a fast-paced environment utilizing both internal and remote project resources, accountable for customer interface as well as execution proficiency.

- Experience 2+ years in project management is preferred
- Ability to manage multiple project- planning, task delegation and prioritization
- Proven track record of driving results and taking ownership
- Ability to work in often-changing environment
- Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
- Experience with using Microsoft Office Suite

For more information, please reply with your resume.

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