Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cryptic is NEVER a good thing

Have you ever had the experience of asking someone a question and they answer it without answering it? For example, you ask someone when you are getting paid and you would expect an exact date. Instead they tell you "As soon as the deal closes" or just say "Soon". That's rather annoying when you have bills waiting to be paid and your electricity is going to be shut off any day now. You can't just call the electric company and say "Oh the company owner says I will be getting paid soon".

If you are looking for a work at home job please make sure you check out several things. Talk to other people who work for them if they are getting paid on time every time. Make sure its other regular workers/contractors you speak to. I have asked a supervisor for a company I was going to work for if a company always paid. She said "Oh yes, it goes into my account like clockwork". Sure enough I found out that the company just opened and no one had seen a paycheck yet. Then when it came time to be paid the owner screwed them.

You may have to find out the hard way if a company is not going to pay you by working there for a week or 2. If they miss your first payday, get out of the business immediately. DO NOT work for free or on false promises. This has happened to me before and it is very frustrating when your hard work goes without pay. This person told me that money was coming in and sales were being closed any day now. Some money was paid to me but nowhere near what I was suppose to make.

There have been companies that pay on time and one day the pay doesn't show up. You may be more inclined to stay with the business. Sometimes businesses have problems with the bank or the payroll company. A legit company would get this worked out in the next day or 2. They would not just string you along and use motivational tactics to get you to stay.

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