Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dispatcher From Home & Earn In-come ( Offer Available ) Apply Now. (Scam job offer)

Fake employment offer. This usually involves the scammer sending you a fake check. The check will clear your bank but a couple weeks later your bank finds out that the check is no good. Then you are responsible for the money. This email was sent from with a reply to address of

******** Welcome To The Hiring Center .********

Att:  Employment Ref :  QMK2015-2020-1XQM

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Hiring Department , You qualified to work from Home & Earn in-come.

Can you work as a mail dispatcher? I own a small shipping business and I tend to operate a high cost of operation and I want to cut down my expenses by employing someone in each state of USA, someone who will be getting mails in bulk and open the bulk mail and dispatch them in units to there final destinations in there respective states.

NOTE: for example, the cost of sending each mail is $34.00 by UPS Express and we want to send out 100 mails, that would be $3,400 which is to costly but we have a solution whereby, we ship the whole 100 mails in one package at the rate of $600 to you in your state and when you get it, you will open it and send the mail individually through USPS which will be $7 to $10 each and you can see the we will have a savings, $600 for bulk shipping plus $10 times 100 making $1,400, you can see we have saved $2,000, so please I need you to work for me on a part-time basis, and you will be paid $1200 every month. You will be provided with funds to dispatch the mails upfront, you will be provided with up to $800 to $3,400 as a running fund for dispatching the mails, sometimes, it may be packages of goods that you will be receiving and sometimes you may be required to pay for shipping fees out of the funds we provide to you to pay another freight forwarder when we need the service of anoth er freight forwarder, the items y

I want to assure you that you will never use your own money for any expenses and you are not require to buy anything to begin the job, it is a straight forward job opportunity. The job will only take 4 to 5 hours of your time in a week and you can work whatever hours you want, the name of my Business is Payroll Job Movers & Associates and I am located in OH, the job is very simple once you have an address where you can accept mails and packages, and also have the time to re-mail the mails and packages through USPS sometime through some other freight forwarders, the mails will contain letters, notes, gift cards and the packages will be containing office materials and sometimes office equipments.

You will have to present an ID and you have to show some sense of sincerity as you will be entrusted with clients mails, packages and funds to utilize for re-mailing expenses, please do let me know when you are ready to start and let me know if you have all the requirements needed for the job, you need to provide your information again in order to proceed further.

Please let me have the below details:

Full Names:
Address: (P.O Box is not accepted)
Zip Code:
Your current or recent job:

We want someone who can use a Yahoo Instant Message OR Hotmail, AOL to chart with our department for update .

Please note, you must be above 18 years of age to be eligible for this job, I want to assure you once again that you will never use your own money for any expenses, your $1200 salary will be paid twice, $600 weekly and the remaining funds will be provided constantly which will never finish in order to avoid you spending your own money so when the remaining funds are low additional remaining funds will be provided, and you are not require to buy anything to begins the job,it is a straight forward job opportunity, please do let me know how we should proceed and you can get start immediately.

Best Regards,



  1. Nine years ago, I was taken by something similar. A friend told me of this one job online. It involved transferring money from my account to the accounts of the employer.

    After they sent me the money, I made my first transfer via Western Union. That night, my bank called me and told me that there was a problem. I told them about the Western Union transfer, and they got it stopped in time.

  2. I just got one today, 07/18/2015 with the same reference # and same name. The email shown is; The job was to be a "Mystery Shopper" for Secret Shopper.foe Walmart. There was some very specific details about the job and responsibilities. but no verifiable information on the company. These crooks have no soul.