Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fake email from Chase Bank (Phishing)

This is a fake email claiming to be from Chase Bank. They say that your account has been locked and you need to click on a link and enter your information to get it unlocked. I do not have an account with Chase Bank so I know that this is a scam. I also know that its a scam because banks will address you by your full name. I have omitted the link but when I bring my cursor up to the original email link it gives me a name that is different from a Chase Bank website. The email address this scam came from is chasemorgan12003@outlook.com.

Security Steps

You've exceeded the maximum number of attempts allowed for your current Password. As a result, we've disabled your User ID and Password to protect your confidential financial information. Please click "Unlock User ID" to unlock your User ID. You'll need to fill all the required information in order to unlock your User ID. (Error Code XXXXX)

    Unlock User ID


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