Thursday, February 12, 2015


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Counter-terrorism Division and Cyber Crime Division

J. Edgar. Hoover Building Washington DC



Attention Beneficiary,


NOTE: If you received this message in your SPAM/BULK folder, it is because of the restrictions imposed by your Mail/Internet Service Provider, we urge you to treat it genuinely.


Records show that you are among one of the individuals and organizations who are yet to receive their overdue payment from overseas which includes those of Lottery/Gambling,Contract and Inheritance. Through our Fraud Monitory Unit we have noticed that you have been transacting with some impostors and fraudsters who have been impersonating the likes of Prof. Soludo/Mr.Lamido Sanusi of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Aziza, Bode Williams, Frank, Anderson, none officials of Oceanic Bank, Zenith Banks, Kelvin Young of HSBC, Ben of FedEx, Ibrahim Sule, Dr. Usman Shamsuddeen and some impostors claiming to be The Federal Bureau of Investigation.


The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhanced by the United Nations and Federal Bureau of Investigation have successfully passed a mandate to the current president of Nigeria his Excellency President Good luck Jonathan to boost the exercise of clearing all foreign debts owed to you and other individuals and organizations who have been found not to have receive their Contract Sum, Lottery/Gambling, Inheritance and the likes. Now how would you like to receive your payment? Because we have two method of payment which is by Cheque or by ATM card?


The Cyber Crime Division of the FBI gathered information from the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) on how some people have lost outrageous sums of money to these impostors. As a result of this, we hereby advise you to stop communication with any one not referred to you by us. We have negotiated with the Federal Ministry of Finance that your payment totaling $5,900,000.00(Five Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars). will be released to you via a custom pin based ATM card with a maximum withdrawal limit of $15,000 a day which is powered by Visa Card and can be used anywhere in the world where you see a Visa Card Logo on the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).


We guarantee receipt of your payment. This is as a result of the mandate from US Government to make sure all debts owed to citizens of American and also Asia and Europe which includes Inheritance, Contract, Gambling/Lottery etc are been cleared.


To redeem your funds, you are hereby advised to contact the ATM Card Center via email for their requirement to proceed and procure your Approval of Payment Warrant and Endorsement of your ATM Release Order on your behalf which will cost you $250 Usd only and nothing more as everything else has been taken care of by the Federal Government including taxes, custom paper and clearance duty so all you will ever need to pay is $250.00 only.


Dr. Lord Ruben 

ATM Card Center Director


Private Email:

Direct Telephone line: Ask for his number



Do contact Lord Ruben of the ATM Card Center via his contact details above and furnish him with your details as listed below:










On contacting him with your details your file would be updated and he will be sending you the payment information in which you will use in making payment of $250.00 for the procurement of your Approval of Payment Warrant and Endorsement of your ATM CARD Release Order, after which the delivery of your ATM card will be effected to your designated home address without any further delay or extra fee.









Note: Disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your ATM card, you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Lord Ruben of the ATM card center who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your payment and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon it immediately. Help stop cyber crime.


Greetings to You

You have been gifted $5 MILLION USD From Bill Gates Foundation. Contact me at this email for your claim:

I hope this information meet you well as I know you will be curious to know why/how I selected you to receive a cash sum of $5,000,000,00 USD, our information below is 100% legitimate, please see the link below:

I BILL GATES and my wife decided to donate the sum of $5,000,000,00 USD to you as part of our charity project to improve the 10 lucky individuals all over the world from our $65 Billion Usd I and My Wife Mapped out to help people. We prayed and searched over the internet for assistance because i saw your profile on Microsoft email owners list and picked you. Melinda my wife and i have decided to make sure this is put on the internet for the world to see. me and my wife have cancer and as you could see from the webpage above, am not getting any younger and you can imagine having no much time to live. although am a Billionaire investor and we have helped some charity organizations from our Fund.

You see after taken care of the needs of our immediate family members, Before we die we decided to donate the remaining of our Billions to other individuals around the world in need, the local fire department, the red cross, Haiti, hospitals in truro where Melinda underwent her cancer treatment, and some other organizations in Asia and Europe that fight cancer, alzheimer's and diabetes and the bulk of the funds deposited with our payout bank of this charity donation. we have kept just 30% of the entire sum to our self for the remaining days because i am sick and am writing you from hospital computer because i dont know when i will and my wife will be traveling to Germany for Treatment.

To facilitate the payment process of the funds ($5,000,000.00 USD) which have been donated solely to you, you are to send us

your full names.................
your contact address................
your personal telephone number...............

so that i can forward your payment information to you immediately. I am hoping that you will be able to use the money wisely and judiciously over there in your City. please you have to do your part to also alleviate the level of poverty in your region, help as many you can help once you have this money in your personal account because that is the only objective of donating this money to you in the first place.

Thank you for accepting our offer, we are indeed grateful You Can Google my name for more information: Bill Gates Charity or Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

God bless you
Regards Mr Bill Gates

Contact him now for your master card (419 scam)









   Attention: Beneficiary,


We the FBI at the Scammed Victims Compensation Unit would like to bring to your notice that your email address has won you

the sum of $3.5, 000,000.00 USD ($3.5 million USAdollars) from the United Nations World Organizations (UNO) due to the uncontrollable

fraudulent activities which has been going on in the United State Of America and most part of the World.Your email address was gotten as

a result of the previous investigation carried out by the FBI homeland security on fraudsters that was cut at 532 la copita. San Ramon California

94583 USA. He was cut sending fake ATM card and Bank Cheques to people and on the investigation process a group of email

addresses of America citizen who has been scam lot of money where found in his PC. They have been taken to Court for



So due to this reason  the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and the President of the FBI James Comeby

after having a separate and private meeting about these they decided to compensate the rightful owners of those emails with

the sum of $3.5 million each which your email address was among the email group. So that is why we are in contact with you

so therefore you absolutely have nothing to worry about for your own share of $3.5 Million USD must get to you.

You  would  receive your Compensation Funds Award worth the sum of $3.5 Million USD? Because we have 1 method of payment

which is by ATM Debit Master Card?ATM Debit Mater Card:


We will be issuing you an ATM Debit Master Card which you can be able to withdraw up to $10,000 per

day from any ATM machine that has the Master Card Logo on it and the card have to be renewed in 4 years time which is 2019.

Also with the ATM Debit Mater Card you will be able to transfer Money into your local bank account. The ATM card comes with

a handbook manual to enlighten you on how to make use it. You can get this ATM card even if you do not have a bank account.

Your Compensation Funds Award would be delivered to you via the UPS Courier Service, because we have signed a contract with

UPS which should expire in next three weeks. But before the UPS can leave for your doorstep you will only need to pay for

their Delivery fee to your home which is only $380 Dollars instead of paying $565 Dollars thereby saving you $185 Dollars

and if you pay before the fourth weeks of February 2015 you save yourself $185. Take note that anyone asking you for some

kind of money above the usual fee is definitely Imposters and you will have to stop communication with every other person if

you have been in contact with any.



Also remember that all you will ever have to spend to get your Compensation Award is $380.00 Dollars before your delivery

can commence at once to your doorstep and nothing more! Nothing less! And we guarantee the receipt of your fund to be

successfully delivered to your doorstep within the next 24 hrs after the receipt of payment has been confirmed.



    Note: Every order Bills and Taxes has been taken care of by the Federal Government of Washington DC, The United Nation

and also the United State FBI, the UPS Courier service delivery fee is all you will ever have to pay which is $380 USA

Dollars only. Do not send money to anyone until you read this and have heard from me. The actual fees for shipping your ATM

card is $565 dollars but because UPS have temporarily discontinued the C.O.D which gives you the chance to pay when package

is delivered for international shipping We had to sign contract with them for bulk shipping which makes the fees reduce from

the actual fee of $565 to $380 nothing more and no hidden fees of any sort!


Below are few list of tracking numbers you can track from the (UPS) Website (WWW.UPS.COM). To confirm beneficiaries like you

who have received their payment successfully.






JOHNNY ALMANTE ==============1Z2X59394198080570

GARY METZGER ==============1Z2X59394195952759

GLEN PAPANIKAS ==============1Z2X59394198690947

CAROL R BUCZYNSKI ==============1Z2X59394197862530




  To effect the release of your Compensation funds valued at $3.5,000,000.00 USD ($3.5 Million USA dollars) you are advised

to contact our correspondent at the FBI Headquarters in Washington DC the delivery officer Agent Mr. Lawrence Mcmaine with

this contact information below!



Name: FBI Lawrence Mcmaine

Contact Email:


You are advised to contact him with the information's as stated below; thereby making your UPS Courier delivery fee of


$380.00 USD available to avoiding much delays:


1.Full Name:......................

2.Delivery Address:......................

3.Private Phone:......................

4.Fax Number:......................

5.A Copy of Your Identity:......................


7.Marital Status:......................




    Upon receipt of payment details been confirmed available the UPS delivery officer will ensure that your package is


delivered to you personally within 24 working hours, Because


we are so sure of everything and we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive Compensation

Funds Award within the next 24 hrs after you have made thepayment for shipping your package to you, And make sure that you keep the receipt of the $380 payment

that you made because that is the prove you will show to the delivery teamwhen they arrive at your doorstep with your package.


  Do disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your Compensation Funds Award

worth the sum of $3.5 Million USD, you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Mark Ruben of the ATM card payment

center who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your Compensation Funds payment and forward any email

notification you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon and commence investigation please assist us fight

against Internet Cyber Crime.



Kindly click on the link to view the Internet Fraudsters that was cut by the FBI:


< >



  Note: This email fully under supervision of the FBI and will be until you have your ATM card at your door step, so kindly

follow the instruction and have this Card delivered to your address without any more delay by paying the UPS Courier

Delivery service fee and send to  United State FBI Approved officer Mrs.Teresa Alvarez.As stated above.



Yours Sincerely,

Miss Donna Gwen






Good day,

I am Ms ELIZABETH JASON, a US citizen, Am 31 years old. I am one of those
people that took part in receiving Inheritance funds and Lottery funds
from European banks even from many lottery organizers few years ago
and they refused to pay me, I had paid different fees while in the
United States trying to get my funds from those banks and lottery
organizers but all to no avail. So I decided to travel to LONDON, UK
with all my compensation documents, and I was directed by the IMF
Director to contact the reconciliator Barrister Robert Wyatt who is
also an attorney, A London citizen and a member of the UNITED
& IMF COMPENSATION AWARD COMMITTEE currently working with IMF in the
United Kingdom and I contacted him and he explained everything to me.
He said whoever is contacting us through emails are fake. Barrister
Robert Wyatt personally directed me on how to claim my Inheritance or
Lottery payment.

Right now I have received my compensation funds of $5,500,000.00
Moreover,Barrister Robert Wyatt showed me the full information of
those that are yet to receive their Inheritance or Lottery payment and
I saw your name as one of the beneficiaries, and your email address,
that is why I decided to email you to stop dealing with those people,
they are not with your fund, they are only making money out of you.

I will personally advise you to contact Barrister Robert Wyatt, he
will assist you as he is a very religious man with the fear of God.
Compensation Award Office.
Barrister Robert Wyatt

Listed below are the name of fraudsters and banks behind the non
release of your funds that I managed to sneak out for your kind

1) Dr Godwin Emefiele
2) Ms. Carman L. Lapointe
3) Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde
4) Micheal Edward
5) Foreign fund diplomatic courier
6) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
7) Mrs. Sherry Williams
8) james S. Mueller, III
9) Barrister David Scott
10) Mr. James B. Comey Jr
11) Barrister Ucheuzo Williams
12) Dr. Patrick Aziza Deputy Governor - Policy / Board Member
13) Mr. Dan Rochas (I.M.F)
14) Mrs. Tanner Williams
15) Mr Wilson Norman
16) Dr. Godwin Oboh: Director Union Bank Of Nigeria.
17) Mr. John Collins: Global Diplomat Director.
18) Mrs. Jennifer Saldana
19) Mr Jim Ovia: Zenith Bank Plc In Nigeria

You really have to stop dealing with those people that are contacting
you and telling you that your fund is with them, it is not in anyway

with them, they are only taking advantage of you and they will dry you
up until you have nothing. The only money I paid after I met Barrister Robert Wyatt
was just $250USD for the ENDORSMENT fee, take note of that.

Thank You and Be Blessed.
11850 SE 26th Avenue Apt 211
Portland, Oregon 97222 United States


CONTACT HIM NOW (419 scam)


Good day., i am Mark Schneider the secretary in charge of fund release department united nations Europe/America., we are trying all possible best to make sure all unpaid beneficiary receive there unpaid a result of theongoing compensation scheme, various means to reach you have proved abortive, and a box of money worth $2,700,000 have been given to my
diplomat Andrew Louis,apparently i let him know the box contain some film material that he is to deliver it to your home address and he should deliver it to my client, i don't want him to know its huge sum because of trust and security purpose.

contact him now with the following information to deliver the boxes to your home address

Name:Andrew Louis

Full Names:
Home Address:
Mobile /telephone no:

Note: you are to provide him with this code 667jva,The code is specified for security reason..

Best Regards
Mark Schneider