Monday, October 13, 2014

Moto G is an EXCELLENT phone!

I am a fan of prepaid service instead of getting a contract when it comes to cell phones. This means the phones are more expensive. I did not have $300+ to spend on a phone so I got the Moto G.

The Moto G is an Android based smart phone that is very inexpensive but has all the features of a phone costing a couple hundred. I paid $50 for mine through US Cellular and it was worth every penny. This phone has made it so I hardly ever need to use a computer. Which is good cause my laptop is out of service right now. I can download and stream music, surf the web, extract files, type up documents, print, make calls, and much more.

The phone comes with 8gb of storage but you can get a micro SD card up to 32gb. That way you will always have enough space. You also have access to Google Drive and Google Music which is stored via the cloud. Its amazing at how much little you need to store nowadays.

There is literally an app for everything. Many of these are free via the play store that comes on your phone. You can even print from this phone. I would highly recommend this phone for anyone who is looking for a great quality cheap smart phone.

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