Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Does selling for Kirby vacuums ever work out?

I am sure if you have went through Craigslist looking for jobs you have came across an ad offering $525 a week or somewhere around that. The job description is very vague but states that its a customer service position. Sometimes the ad will say showing new and previous customers our product line.
All of these ads are selling for Kirby vacuums. Kirby will give just about anyone a try at sales but how many people actually succeed at this job? Not very many.

The sales industry is difficult. There is a high turnover so you will notice that they are always hiring. Most people are not cut out for it. The ones who are can make a great living. Kirby is a great well known product so the reputation helps the sale. However, they are very expensive and a lot of people just can't afford it.

Working for Kirby means going out in the field 6 days a week. You will work long hours going door to door or going on preset appointments. Each Kirby office that hires is an independent dealer and some will go door to door and others will have telemarketers preset appointments. I think most of them are doing preset appointments now.

The $525 a week that they offer as a base salary depends on the amount of appointments you get. You need to go on 15 appointments to get the base pay. From what I have heard it is very difficult to get 15 appointments in a week. The pay is per sale only if you don't get 15 appointments. So there is a chance that you can work all week and not make any money. So if you want to get into sales and market a good quality product and don't mind working on commission then this could be a great fit for you. If you want to work an hourly or salary wage position then sales is not for you.

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