Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bullshit minimum wage jobs

In the great state of New Hampshire our minimum wage goes by the federal law which is $7.25. That is not enough to live on working 40 hours a week. Its amazing at how many companies actually pay this wage and expect their workers to go beyond the call of duty. If your paying me minimum wage all your going to get me to do is show up. I am not going to do anything extra nor am I going to take pride in my work if companies are going to pay so low.

I can understand paying a high school student that low because all that money is just disposible income. They are not paying rent, food, utilities, etc. All they are doing with that money is spending it on toys. When you have people working at a company that pays minimum wage that needs to support a family or even just themselves its a disgrace to pay that low. You either need to have another job or you'll have to go panhandle after work just to meet your bare necessities. I have seen a guy in his McDonalds uniform sitting on the street asking for money. Its pretty fucking sad.

My advice to all the companies that pay minimum wage is to go fuck yourselves. Why don't you CEO's try and live on what you are paying your employees and then you can see for yourself if its fair or not. The people who you are paying minimum wage to are the ones that are helping your company stay afloat. You won't get respect nor will you get quality work at the rate you pay.

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  1. I wouldn't want to work long hours even if I was getting good pay. Working like a dog for 60+ hours usually isn't worth it in the end. A fair amount of people may use their savings to pay the hospital for the health problems they have at a fairly young age from working so hard for a long time.