Tuesday, May 27, 2014

USA LOAN (419 Scam)

I am Mr George E. Smith Executive director in the USA in California, We offer Legitimate Loans without collateral at the low interest rate of 2% with maximum guarantee and assurance.If you are in need of a loan, We will like you to let Us
know how much you need as loan in your next email so that i can provide you Our loan conditions for the swift processing of your application immediately.You can apply and get your loan same day if you are in the States,We await you,it is
cheaper and convenient for you..One America One Love.

(1) Name:
(2) Address
(3) Sex & Age:
(4) Amount Needed
(5) Loan Duration:
(6) Monthly Income
(7) Valid Telephone/Fax
(8) Purpose of seeking Loan:
(9) Profession:

Please send your details to: carrington11th@gmail.com

Best Regards,
Mr.George E. Smith

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