Friday, April 18, 2014

How dare you senate of New Hampshire!

In the great state of New Hampshire 60% of the voters are for marijuana legalization. Recently the house passed a bill that would legalize possession of marijuana for adults 21+ just like Colorado and Washington. The bill was voted on a second time and the house voted against it. There was another decriminalization bill that was introduced and passed the house with support from both democrats and republicans. The senate refused to even consider the bill and sent it back to the house with no explanation!

NH is the only state in New England that still treats simple possession as a crime. All the other states give you a civil fine and send you on your way. Granted a lot of cops in NH will just take it away from you and not charge you with a small amount of marijuana they still are able to. If you can afford an attorney you are able to get it reduced to a civil violation most of the time. When you are arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana in this state and you don't plead guilty you will be sent to court and if they find you guilty you get a $350 plus a $70 "penalty" which makes it $420, pretty funny right? If you refuse to pay it you can either do community service OR you can go to jail at $50 a day. Most marijuana activists choose to go to jail to show the government that we will not tolerate their bullshit laws and pay some stupid fine. Plus, they spend more money putting them in jail.

Maggie Hassan the governor of NH decided to go against what the majority of the state wants. Both democrats and republicans do not approve of her. Hopefully we can get her out of office when she is up for reelection in November. The people in office right now seem to not care about what the state wants and go with what they personally want. They are not doing their job and all of them should be fired!

On the positive note its is almost 4/20 everyone! We all need to light up and show the government that we will not tolerate their bullshit laws. I love how it is on Easter Sunday this year. Happy smoking!

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