Thursday, March 27, 2014

When people "interviewing" you hide the name of their company, that probably means that its not a good idea to work for them

I often see all these business opportunities on Craigslist listed in the job section. Even though Craigslist tells people not to do that it still happens all the time. Especially for Craigslist areas that do not require you to pay for an ad. The job ad's will often say "Inbound calls" or "Health Benefits Company". The health benefits company is usually Ameriplan which is an MLM company. The inbound calls are usually for referral marketing companies such as Instant Rewards, ZNZ, OurLoot2Boot, etc. These companies require you to sign up for a trial offer for other companies then when you refer people that do the same you make money. Usually it starts off at $20 per person with opportunities to make more.

If you are interested in these types of work at home positions that's fine. However, most people go into the job section of Craigslist looking for regular hourly paying positions. Its even difficult for companies that pay commission only to find anyone. When you are asking someone to pay then red flags go up for them and you are wasting their time and your time. When people are looking for business opportunities they look elsewhere and not Craigslist job ad's.

The one thing that I notice when I was trying out Instant Rewards is that there was a coop program that you can sign up for. They would give you scripts to talk to people and ask them all these questions pretending to interview them. You were told not to give the company name out right away when speaking to people. Then if people were still interested after talking to them you would then set them up with an "orientation" where you would walk them through a sign up with a trial offer where they would need to enter their credit/debit card information. At no time would you ever imply that this is more of a business opportunity rather then a job. As a matter of fact I would read testimonials from people about how they were leery about signing up but they really needed a job.

A business opportunity is something that is very different from a job. It requires you to take a risk into wasting your time and money. A lot of people do not want to take that risk. This is why posting a job ad on Craigslist that is in fact a business opportunity is just not a good idea. There are other places where you can find people that are interested in a business opportunity. You can even purchase some decent business opportunity leads online.

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