Monday, March 17, 2014

The Vector Marketing Cult

I find it absolutely hilarious that Vector Marketing a company that hires reps as independent contractors (so they are not employees) to sell Cutco knives. This is one hell of a product just like Kirby Vacuum but the way that they promote their products are by claiming to people that they can make all this money when most of them don't make much of anything. I have written several blog entries and articles on how I do not agree with the way that Vector Marketing conducts business. I have posted on Craigslist about them as well.

When I have written about them most of the time there is usually that one person who disagrees with what I say. Even on a previous blog entry when most people who commented agreed with me and thanked me. There was that one person who said that I didn't know what I was talking about and that I was another person that was trashing their name and blah blah blah. Vector Marketing is obviously doing some pretty high reputation management more so then any other company.

Every company wants to have a good reputation and on many review websites such as you will see the owner or upper management of the company go on and rebuttal the bad review. However, when you see review after review of the company not paying their workers correctly and using false advertising to get people to work for them it means something is wrong. Vector Marketing doesn't even need to pay the department of labor fee's because they hire independent contractors. The company is able to save all this money by having people not even employees selling for them. There's no fee's to them aside from the small commission that each of the reps make on their sales. Its a real good deal for them.

To motivate their reps they have all these sales meetings with a few people telling their success stories. You even need to buy a knife set so you can demonstrate it to your prospects. You contact people you know and set up meetings with them. You then ask them for referrals. Management states that the average meeting will take an hour and they say that you are paid a base of $12-$16 per hour which really means per appointment if you do not make any sales.

Most appointments go over an hour. So this whole $15 per hour thing is a bunch of BS. People see that on their ad and call them up because $15 an hour is decent pay. The receptionists who answers is reading from a script and tries to talk you into coming in for an interview because that's what they are hired for. I see them running ad's all over Craigslist for receptionist positions often.

Vector Marketing even has several different links that they will post on their Craigslist ad's looking for sales reps. They will even hide the fact that they are Vector Marketing. They will often advertise as Customer Service and say that you will be explaining their products to customers with no cold calling. Unless you want to waste your gas and time do not go work for Vector Marketing

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