Sunday, March 16, 2014

Putting a stop to people being scammed by hype

The definition of hype is exaggerated claims made especially in advertising or promotional material. This includes companies that are looking for people to work from home on commission based pay. The companies that I find that do this the most are either start up or multi level marketing. The owners and top management of the companies will often host conference calls talking about all this success that they and other people they know have. They talk about if you give it time and put a little effort into this that you will make big money. Most people who they say this to will make little or no money at all.

Every now and then I will get on a conference call for one of these opportunities such as Ameriplan. These conference calls include all these "family" people talking about what they use to do and now they don't need to go to a job anymore cause of this company. Ameriplan is a well known MLM company that has people join them by paying a $100 start up cost and then people can either sell their dental and health savings plans and/or you can "sell"people into joining this business opportunity. When you do this you get paid and you make a percentage off of their sales. I am honestly seeing that most people go with selling the business opportunity.

Another company full of hype was The Customer Advantage. This company cost nothing to sign up with and the reason why is because there was no product or service that was functioning. The Customer Advantage was suppose to be like Groupon where you pay for a product or service that a company offers at a much lower price then they usually charge. The Customer Advantage never took off. The owner put up a YouTube video saying that the company is still around and is moving forward. The website is still up but there is nothing happening.

I would attend conference calls from The Customer Advantage back a couple years ago. All the calls were talking about how it took Google and Groupon took years to take off and now they are billion dollar companies. This was an attempt at getting people excited to stay with them and keep getting people to sign up so as soon as they got out of pre-launch there would be all this money to be made. People not only wasted their time but some also wasted their money creating dedicated websites and buying leads to get to sign up for this free business opportunity.

If you are with a company that is doing stuff similar to what I have mentioned and you aren't making any money or enough to be worth it then get out. Find another opportunity that actually pays you. If you aren't into taking risks when it comes to getting paid make sure you take something that pays you either hourly or salary.

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