Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Places to find good legit work at home opportunities

When I was running my work at home opportunity website I searched several places for the latest work from home positions. The problem is searching places like Craigslist will certainly give you a list of ad's from work at home companies but many of them are not legit. I would spend hours researching these opportunities only to find out that they ripped people off or I would get no where with talking to the "business owners". This is very frustrating especially when you are trying to look for a legit job and you needed it yesterday.

I found that message boards have legit opportunities that have been researched and other people have worked for. There are 2 of them that I would recommend. One of them is called workplacelikehome.com and the other is wahm.com. Both of those sites are great for anyone looking for legit work at home opportunities in various fields from non phone positions like data entry and transcription to phone positions such as customer service or telemarketing.

People on the message boards can be really critical about work from home positions. They tend to not like commission only opportunities. Some people enjoy working on a commission basis but the majority of people do not. They tend to want to get an hourly or salary pay. Which is understandable for people that don't want to risk working for free. They have a separate section for home businesses which are always commission based.

I hope this helps you all out with your work at home opportunity search. Please check back here often as I do add work at home companies that I come across on here. Also, I add work at home opportunities that have been proven to be scams. I wish you the best of luck in your job search!

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