Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marijuana is legal in 2 states but drug testing for marijuana is still completely legal

As a marijuana legalization advocate I am always saying how stupid company drug testing is for THC for MOST positions. I understand that if you are driving a big 18 wheeler or a school bus because you don't want neither of those people driving high. However, I find it completely wrong that office workers are being tested for drugs when drug tests are clearly aimed at people who smoke pot. If you use crack or heroin you can stop using for 3 days and you will be fine to pass a drug test. If you smoke pot you need to stop for 30+ days before you can pass a drug test and 90 days before you can pass a hair test. This is just not fair. You can go home and drink all night but god forbid you smoke a joint after work or on the weekends!

Alcohol has been proven to be very dangerous and kills people and destroys families. I know several people who have either died or severally damaged themselves from alcohol abuse. Marijuana has not killed a single person. Most people know this and the ones who don't or disagree with this statement clearly have not done ANY research. Its very frustrating because of all the politics involved with this is preventing marijuana from being used for medical reasons and recreational nationwide.

Colorado and Washington state have legalized marijuana for people 21+ for recreational use. However, drug testing for THC is still completely legal leaving people that legally smoke in those states shit out of luck when it comes to getting most jobs. If the THC panel was taken off of drug tests it would help boost the economy as people who smoke pot responsibly would be able to get jobs just like people who drink. People who smoke marijuana are able to function and do their jobs despite what others may think and/or say.

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