Saturday, March 29, 2014

Operon Resource Management is at it again!

Operon Resource Management is a temp agency that is supposedly hiring for a company in Hudson NH for Atrium Medical. This is the biggest scam and a waste of time and gas out there. They have you arrive for an application session which takes 1.5-2 hours. Then after that they have you go to another orientation which is another couple of hours. They have you take all these exams and then say that they will call you when a position becomes available. The only problem is there are NO positions available and they will give you one excuse after the other.

Here's how I know this. A few years back my wife applied to work for them. She has experience working in a manufacturing environment as well as great references. They tell you that you do not need experience just a good work history and 2 professional references. She has both of those. She went to the application session and they called her back for the orientation which is not paid. She aced all of the exams that they gave her.

They told her that they would be calling her back and that she should follow up if she didn't hear anything. She called them several times and was given excuse after excuse. Then they called her with another position available and wanted to make sure they had her correct references because they wanted her to start the next day. Well an hour later that position that they told her they had was posted on Craigslist and they never contacted her again.

I replied to an ad that this agency had on Craigslist stating that they were a scam and they never had any positions available. I was told that they have high expectations and not everybody gets in. The problem with that is there was no reason that they could not hire my wife. I want to let everyone know to not waste their time with these people. They obviously are doing this to fill a quota and I will be contacting whoever posted this ad again. The ad currently is located at I will also post the content of this ad because the Craigslist posts don't stay up too long. Also, there have been several people who have had the same experience with them so it was not just her. I will keep this blog updated with their email response if they have one.

Having a hard time finding the right career opportunity? Looking for a stable job? Operon Resource Management can help with both! Operon supports medical device manufacturing companies in New England by providing high quality workers in temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent placement positions. We are currently taking applications for assembly of medical devices for 2nd and 3rd shifts. Don't worry if you don't have any manufacturing experience; if you have a strong work ethic, Operon will provide you the training to build the specialized skills you need to succeed in a high-tech medical manufacturing environment! Applications are handled exclusively in-person at several different locations. Be sure to bring the names and phone numbers of two professional references, and be sure to arrive early. Come apply for the jobs of today and acquire the experience for the jobs of the future!

Shifts: 2nd and 3rd.

Pay: $10.25 - $11.50 (Pay is shift-dependant, not experience-dependant for entry-level positions.)

When to apply: Tuesdays at 10:00a.m

Where to apply: 5 Wentworth Drive, Hudson NH (On-site at Atrium Medical.)

What you'll need: The names and telephone numbers of two professional references that we can contact about your previous job performance. Please also bring a resume if you have one available.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

Thursday, March 27, 2014

When people "interviewing" you hide the name of their company, that probably means that its not a good idea to work for them

I often see all these business opportunities on Craigslist listed in the job section. Even though Craigslist tells people not to do that it still happens all the time. Especially for Craigslist areas that do not require you to pay for an ad. The job ad's will often say "Inbound calls" or "Health Benefits Company". The health benefits company is usually Ameriplan which is an MLM company. The inbound calls are usually for referral marketing companies such as Instant Rewards, ZNZ, OurLoot2Boot, etc. These companies require you to sign up for a trial offer for other companies then when you refer people that do the same you make money. Usually it starts off at $20 per person with opportunities to make more.

If you are interested in these types of work at home positions that's fine. However, most people go into the job section of Craigslist looking for regular hourly paying positions. Its even difficult for companies that pay commission only to find anyone. When you are asking someone to pay then red flags go up for them and you are wasting their time and your time. When people are looking for business opportunities they look elsewhere and not Craigslist job ad's.

The one thing that I notice when I was trying out Instant Rewards is that there was a coop program that you can sign up for. They would give you scripts to talk to people and ask them all these questions pretending to interview them. You were told not to give the company name out right away when speaking to people. Then if people were still interested after talking to them you would then set them up with an "orientation" where you would walk them through a sign up with a trial offer where they would need to enter their credit/debit card information. At no time would you ever imply that this is more of a business opportunity rather then a job. As a matter of fact I would read testimonials from people about how they were leery about signing up but they really needed a job.

A business opportunity is something that is very different from a job. It requires you to take a risk into wasting your time and money. A lot of people do not want to take that risk. This is why posting a job ad on Craigslist that is in fact a business opportunity is just not a good idea. There are other places where you can find people that are interested in a business opportunity. You can even purchase some decent business opportunity leads online.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marijuana is legal in 2 states but drug testing for marijuana is still completely legal

As a marijuana legalization advocate I am always saying how stupid company drug testing is for THC for MOST positions. I understand that if you are driving a big 18 wheeler or a school bus because you don't want neither of those people driving high. However, I find it completely wrong that office workers are being tested for drugs when drug tests are clearly aimed at people who smoke pot. If you use crack or heroin you can stop using for 3 days and you will be fine to pass a drug test. If you smoke pot you need to stop for 30+ days before you can pass a drug test and 90 days before you can pass a hair test. This is just not fair. You can go home and drink all night but god forbid you smoke a joint after work or on the weekends!

Alcohol has been proven to be very dangerous and kills people and destroys families. I know several people who have either died or severally damaged themselves from alcohol abuse. Marijuana has not killed a single person. Most people know this and the ones who don't or disagree with this statement clearly have not done ANY research. Its very frustrating because of all the politics involved with this is preventing marijuana from being used for medical reasons and recreational nationwide.

Colorado and Washington state have legalized marijuana for people 21+ for recreational use. However, drug testing for THC is still completely legal leaving people that legally smoke in those states shit out of luck when it comes to getting most jobs. If the THC panel was taken off of drug tests it would help boost the economy as people who smoke pot responsibly would be able to get jobs just like people who drink. People who smoke marijuana are able to function and do their jobs despite what others may think and/or say.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Places to find good legit work at home opportunities

When I was running my work at home opportunity website I searched several places for the latest work from home positions. The problem is searching places like Craigslist will certainly give you a list of ad's from work at home companies but many of them are not legit. I would spend hours researching these opportunities only to find out that they ripped people off or I would get no where with talking to the "business owners". This is very frustrating especially when you are trying to look for a legit job and you needed it yesterday.

I found that message boards have legit opportunities that have been researched and other people have worked for. There are 2 of them that I would recommend. One of them is called and the other is Both of those sites are great for anyone looking for legit work at home opportunities in various fields from non phone positions like data entry and transcription to phone positions such as customer service or telemarketing.

People on the message boards can be really critical about work from home positions. They tend to not like commission only opportunities. Some people enjoy working on a commission basis but the majority of people do not. They tend to want to get an hourly or salary pay. Which is understandable for people that don't want to risk working for free. They have a separate section for home businesses which are always commission based.

I hope this helps you all out with your work at home opportunity search. Please check back here often as I do add work at home companies that I come across on here. Also, I add work at home opportunities that have been proven to be scams. I wish you the best of luck in your job search!

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Vector Marketing Cult

I find it absolutely hilarious that Vector Marketing a company that hires reps as independent contractors (so they are not employees) to sell Cutco knives. This is one hell of a product just like Kirby Vacuum but the way that they promote their products are by claiming to people that they can make all this money when most of them don't make much of anything. I have written several blog entries and articles on how I do not agree with the way that Vector Marketing conducts business. I have posted on Craigslist about them as well.

When I have written about them most of the time there is usually that one person who disagrees with what I say. Even on a previous blog entry when most people who commented agreed with me and thanked me. There was that one person who said that I didn't know what I was talking about and that I was another person that was trashing their name and blah blah blah. Vector Marketing is obviously doing some pretty high reputation management more so then any other company.

Every company wants to have a good reputation and on many review websites such as you will see the owner or upper management of the company go on and rebuttal the bad review. However, when you see review after review of the company not paying their workers correctly and using false advertising to get people to work for them it means something is wrong. Vector Marketing doesn't even need to pay the department of labor fee's because they hire independent contractors. The company is able to save all this money by having people not even employees selling for them. There's no fee's to them aside from the small commission that each of the reps make on their sales. Its a real good deal for them.

To motivate their reps they have all these sales meetings with a few people telling their success stories. You even need to buy a knife set so you can demonstrate it to your prospects. You contact people you know and set up meetings with them. You then ask them for referrals. Management states that the average meeting will take an hour and they say that you are paid a base of $12-$16 per hour which really means per appointment if you do not make any sales.

Most appointments go over an hour. So this whole $15 per hour thing is a bunch of BS. People see that on their ad and call them up because $15 an hour is decent pay. The receptionists who answers is reading from a script and tries to talk you into coming in for an interview because that's what they are hired for. I see them running ad's all over Craigslist for receptionist positions often.

Vector Marketing even has several different links that they will post on their Craigslist ad's looking for sales reps. They will even hide the fact that they are Vector Marketing. They will often advertise as Customer Service and say that you will be explaining their products to customers with no cold calling. Unless you want to waste your gas and time do not go work for Vector Marketing

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Are you looking for some extra income from home with no fee's involved?

I know that times are really tough out there. There are hardly jobs around. The one that pay good are very few and far between and very competitive. There are some that pay minimum wage of $7.25 an hour which in that case is not worth going to at all because you'll spend most of that on gas getting there. You can't even afford a car on that wage so forget having a car.

You will need to pay someone to get you there so maybe $20 a day depending on how far you live from there. Think about that almost 3 hours each day of work is just going to get you to work! It really is pathetic that things are the way they are.

If you are looking for a little bit of extra income on your own time from home there are a couple of options. If you are looking for an opportunity where you can work on your own time as little or as much as you want then I recommend 2 companies Humanatic and ClixSense. Humanatic is a call auditing website where you will listen to call recordings from home. You will be marking whether or not each recorded call met certain requirements. ClixSense is a site that pays you to take surveys, do small internet tasks, listen to the radio, and more!

Once you get comfortable with each of these websites you can do both of them at the same time. The amount of money you make depends on how much you do. There are people on Humanatic that make $30 or more a day. For ClixSense it is not hard to make over $10 a day. People also have made much more then that. ClixSense pays out on Monday and Friday. Humanatic pays out on Monday's or Tuesday's via PayPal.

These are both very legit opportunities that I have been with for 2+ years for each of them. I have been paid on time every time. To sign up for Humanatic visit and to sign up for ClixSense visit

Putting a stop to people being scammed by hype

The definition of hype is exaggerated claims made especially in advertising or promotional material. This includes companies that are looking for people to work from home on commission based pay. The companies that I find that do this the most are either start up or multi level marketing. The owners and top management of the companies will often host conference calls talking about all this success that they and other people they know have. They talk about if you give it time and put a little effort into this that you will make big money. Most people who they say this to will make little or no money at all.

Every now and then I will get on a conference call for one of these opportunities such as Ameriplan. These conference calls include all these "family" people talking about what they use to do and now they don't need to go to a job anymore cause of this company. Ameriplan is a well known MLM company that has people join them by paying a $100 start up cost and then people can either sell their dental and health savings plans and/or you can "sell"people into joining this business opportunity. When you do this you get paid and you make a percentage off of their sales. I am honestly seeing that most people go with selling the business opportunity.

Another company full of hype was The Customer Advantage. This company cost nothing to sign up with and the reason why is because there was no product or service that was functioning. The Customer Advantage was suppose to be like Groupon where you pay for a product or service that a company offers at a much lower price then they usually charge. The Customer Advantage never took off. The owner put up a YouTube video saying that the company is still around and is moving forward. The website is still up but there is nothing happening.

I would attend conference calls from The Customer Advantage back a couple years ago. All the calls were talking about how it took Google and Groupon took years to take off and now they are billion dollar companies. This was an attempt at getting people excited to stay with them and keep getting people to sign up so as soon as they got out of pre-launch there would be all this money to be made. People not only wasted their time but some also wasted their money creating dedicated websites and buying leads to get to sign up for this free business opportunity.

If you are with a company that is doing stuff similar to what I have mentioned and you aren't making any money or enough to be worth it then get out. Find another opportunity that actually pays you. If you aren't into taking risks when it comes to getting paid make sure you take something that pays you either hourly or salary.